About Louise

My experience with Reiki started in Ireland in 2000. A good friend recommended a session for emotional issues I was experiencing at the time. During the session I remember feeling energy moving around my body and feeling relief afterwards, like a heavy load had been lifted. This ignited a curiosity about healing and the possibility of having a happier life. Having a medical background as a radiographer I was fascinated by the human body . Working with x-rays is also energy that you can’t see and like Reiki has a definite effect. I did Reiki level 1 that year before I headed for Australia, where I spent most of the next 10 years working as a radiographer, travelling and doing all 7 practitioner levels of Reiki.

For me Reiki has been life changing. I have a much brighter outlook on life and I can handle life’s challenges in a more positive manner, as an opportunity for growth. I am aware that I am consciously creating my life and I embrace new possibilities and opportunities. So much so that in November 2011 I returned to Sydney to complete the first Reiki Master Teacher level so that I could teach Reiki 1 and 2. I have chosen to share this gift and empowering tool with those who are ready to receive.