Learning Reiki



How do you learn Reiki?

During a workshop the Reiki teacher aligns the student to the energy. The energy flow is then activated by touch.  This process is called an attunement. The student is tuned in to a certain frequency like a radio station. The process involves using the Reiki symbols which are living energy fields with a specific formula over the head and hands. Reiki cannot be learned from a book. It is also important to mention that someone does not have to be ill to have Reiki. It is a self-help technique so that people can give themselves Reiki treatments for balance, harmony, health and self empowerment. It can also be shared with friends and family including pets. It is an empowering tool to access more life energy and to assist us to go with the flow through life while removing stress on a regular basis. Everyone can do Reiki and even children can be aligned.