The Benefits

Using Reiki boosts the supply of life force energy to the body. Reiki can therefore assist with all forms of illness, disease and disorder, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Treating the body with Reiki works from the inside out, in other words it treats the imbalance or cause of illness wherever that is, so it maintains health and balance and prevents disease from manifesting.

Many people find that injuries heal much faster and also recovery from operations can be quicker. Better sleep, deep relaxation, clarity, peace of mind, harmony, pain relief, a sense of calm and just being in a better mood have all been acclaimed from clients I have treated.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy so it can be used alongside any other treatment or therapy and will not interfere with it. The energy always works for the person’s highest good.

Reiki is excellent for people having chemotherapy or radiotherapy because it boosts the immune system. This vital energy replenishes and nourishes the body during and after these treatments. The calming effect of having a Reiki session also helps people to cope and improves their sense of wellbeing.