Reiki Treatment

Receiving a Treatment / Session


The beauty of Reiki is its simplicity. It goes to where it is needed. It gently clears away the stresses and imbalances while providing a deeply relaxing experience. Receiving a Reiki treatment involves lying down on a massage table fully clothed and covered with a blanket. The practitioner works over the endocrine glands of the body which correlate with the chakras or energy centers. There are 16 body positions over the head, front, back, knees and feet to complete a session. In fact both practitioner and client receive the Reiki energy at the same time because it flows into and through the practitioner and out of the hands.



1 Hour session for 50 euros
30 mins session for 30  euros

Half Price for every 4th session!


          A distant healing session is also given to the client free of charge.

(This means that you will receive another hour of Reiki  a few days later to boost the treatment.


A free temporary alignment is also available to the client.

(This means that you have the ability to give yourself Reiki for the 5 days after the session and
You can also share this energy with family, friends and pets.)