Reiki 1

Date: Sat 21.04.2018
Location: Bru Columbanas Wilton Cork
Time: 930 am  – 6pm
Cost: €130 (€50 deposit)


Australian Coursebook included.

Private classes can be arranged by request (min 2 people) .

Reiki 2

Date: TBA Sept/Oct 2018
Location:  Cork
Time: 930 am  – 6pm
Cost: €350 (€100 deposit)
Australian Coursebook included.
NB: See eligibility note below

Reiki 2 students can only book in with me if they have been  aligned to the 7 level system with me.
This ensures that the foundation of Reiki 1 is there for the same attunement process to be expanded and integrated at the Reiki 2 level .

Private classes can be arranged by request (min 2 people).


There is a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4 for all classes.
This is to ensure that the student receives and understands all the information before being issued a certificate.